Networking help - Trying to bridge two different networks


Networking help - Trying to bridge two different networks

I have an old Netgear N300 router flashed with DD-WRT.  I travel a lot, staying in RV parks with weak wifi, and I set things up like this:


  • Set up wireless interface 0 in client mode, 802.11g, to bridge to the RV park's g network
  • Set up wireless interface 1 in access point mode, 802.11n
  • Connect to it wirelssly from all my other devices

Is this same setup possible with the Nighthawk router?  Bridge to another g network with one wireless interface, and still use the other as an n or ac wireless access point?  From the manual, it looks like you can only connect via the wired interfaces when in bridge mode, is that correct?  If this won't work are there any other single-device solutions, or am I going to have to move to two devices?


Only looking to upgrade as my N300 has started crashing more frequently...



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Re: Networking help - Trying to bridge two different networks

Hello @qisope,


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Looks like you're using a FastLane Technology on that DD-WRT firmware.

That kind of feature is now possible with our Extenders.

If the router has an option to "Enable Wireless Client Association" then you will be able to connect wirelessly on the router that was set on bridge. However, if you don't you can only connect wired devices to it. In case you're interested with Fastlane Technology, see the links below.


What is FastLane Technology?

Enabling FastLane Technology


Hope this helps.



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