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Steve_Goodey wrote:
Sorry, my point being that Netgear seem to treat the forum as a dumping ground. Not as a way of informing their customers, who have spent hard earned cash on their products, or even listening to their customers.

Point taken.

Although you could argue that they have provided the space for people to discuss common issues, their lack of input is upsetting.
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Re: New Owner - Having Problems

Ive had a problem recently, i am using the v17 firmware on the DGND3700 and my xbox wired connection has taken a turn for the worse, keeps dropping connection after an hour or so? my wireless connection to the PC seems to remain connected though? i don't seem to experience disconnection's on the wireless? I have tried changing the homeplugs, still same problem exists, i tried changing both ethernet cables also, in case they were faulty? still same problems? Anyone have any ideas? could it be isp's fault? or a setting on the router that i have missed?

I know that when i see the wifi connection on the PC it shows a Lease for the DHCP and basically when this expires, it is renewed but my connection doesnt drop when it does this on PC, would this be the same thing for the Xbox wired to homeplugs/Powerlines? Coz its strange this disconnects happen after like an hour or 2?

Sky recently reconfigure my line but set it at a lower configuration, is this the real reason why im having problems? as when i ask them about it they are fobbing me off with the fault lies at my end?
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Re: New Owner - Having Problems

I had the same problem with my XBox 360 continually disconnecting. In my case it was because I had accidentally plugged my Panasonic power line adapter into a surge protector and one with other devices plugged into it. I wasn't paying attention and forgot that (at least some) power line adapters do NOT like to share an outlet with any other devices. For those devices, the symptoms are typically that of crippled network connectivity and dropouts.

I'm not sure if you were indicating that you have a power line in your environment, but if you do, check that it's in a dedicated socket.
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Re: New Owner - Having Problems

4 month old thread, close.
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Re: New Owner - Having Problems

hanswang wrote: was because I had accidentally plugged my Panasonic power line adaptor into a surge protector and one with other devices plugged into it...

The instructions for many HomePlug and PowerLine adaptors specifically advise against using them on surge Protected Sockets / Extension Leads.

I often recommend that people but a HomePlug or PowerLine adaptor with a pass-through socket if they are short of sockets. An extension with surge protection can be plugged into a pass-through socket quite happily.
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Re: New Owner - Having Problems

Hello everybody,

i have bought this router today.
Initially the original V12 firmware had a lot of bugs!!!
For example i could not even set the dns. The "Address Reservation" was completely bugged.

After i have upgraded to V17 these 2 problems were solved but i think that this router has other bugs too.
I was connected with the router through internet(with a samsung galaxyS) and enabled "Enable WMM (Wi-Fi multimedia) settings" and " Turn Internet Access QoS On".
The router rebooted...
Than, when i came back home i see that these two option are unchecked...

i'm a little bit disappointedSmiley Sad
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Re: New Owner - Having Problems

1) This is a very stale trhead--suggest you open a new one.

2) The publicly available versions of DGND3700 firmware are chock full of bugs. If you are up for the struggles selling the fact that you have real problems and if the real problemsyou have are ones NETGEAR has attempted to fix, contact NETGEAR Support and play the game until they offer up one the apparently many pre-release versions tat seem mostly better in most ways that the generally available code. Alternately, consider cutting your losses if/while you still have an opportunity to return the new hardware. I kinda hate to suggest that, because waen it does work and the features that do work and the promised feature set all suggest this should be a great product. The reality, however, is not so rosy. After a month and seven or eight open support cases (on something like eleven or twelve separate issues) and three "private beta" firmware versions, I'm wondering if NETGEAR has any business selling Layer 3 and abve networking equipment. Not that the Support folks haven't tried to be helpful--they shouln't need to besupporting some of this stuff. It should have worked out of the box.
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