New to Netgear, and frustrated with it already!


New to Netgear, and frustrated with it already!

Trying to set-up my new WNDR3800 router...surprised at the LACK of provided documentation in the box!

I got to the Nework Genie, tried to update the router to the most current firmware...all is working until I gave to fill-out the "Username" and "Password" boxes... hm... please tell me how I am supposed to know either of these?
There is NOTHING that says anything about this in the I said, pitiful documentation.

I had to find in a net search that "admin" is the username, and "password" is used for password...

To make matters worse, even when I use these, I still get the UNAUTHORIZED error message!
I reset the found on the internet also... still the same problem...

I am thinking already that I will return this and get a brand that actually has the customer in mind during set-up.

First time buyer and Frustrated!
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Re: New to Netgear, and frustrated with it already!

I understand your frustration. When I got this router I also thought it was strange that no set up documentation was included. That being said I would not return the router just yet. It is a very good product. I would not use Network Genie but rather login to your router from a web browser. Set everything up there first.
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Re: New to Netgear, and frustrated with it already!

Be Patient, the WNDR3800 is an advanced WiFi router, with good video streaming capabilities. Also, it's management via webpage give good flexibility in setting up your WiFi infrastructure. This system is not necessary the easiest for customer support, but once learned it options in the WiFi environment are many!!

Hang in there!!

JeffSmiley Very Happy
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Re: New to Netgear, and frustrated with it already!

Download the User Manual for this router and give it a little read. If necessary get someone more familiar with routers to give you a friendly helping hand.

I actually very much like the WNDR3800 and I am sure that many more knowledgeable people would too.

Getting it set up is going to be the hardest step initially if you are not familiar with setting up a router, but some items are required to be configured correctly for your own benefit and security.
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