Newegg(@)Netgear(.)com Help - Real or Hoax?

Upon request by Newegg to review the R6300v1 that I bought through them, I left a review. It was negative since I've been having the notorious "in about 9 month and on reboot to keep it working issues". I received a "Manufacturers Reply" in the review offering help if I had not resolved the as they stated a "known" reboot issue that they actually state in their reply. Well if it's a known issue, it's probably nothing I can resolve and haven't been able to. I have been having to completely reset my router every couple of weeks at least to get it to work. Lately, it's been every week.

I have written to the address in their reply several times and have not heard a word back. So as they said there are issues in a "limited" number of . . . , which I have noticed that they use this terminology a lot in "Manufacturer Replies" when addressing apparently known issues, of which there seems to be a lot of negative reviews and these replies to many of these negative reviews of Netgear equipment. More so than any other I have been seeing. I can not get a reply as to what is being done to address these "limited" units that are failing. I'm also noticing more issues in reviews with Netgear equipment than any other and they say issues are "limited". Yeah, right. I tried to contact Newegg on how to re-reply to reviews as Manufactures can, but they have proven to be as dumb as a box of rocks in "getting" my situation and what I am requesting information on.

I have been working with Netgear since at least last Spring on these now admittedly "known", but no one said anything about them then, issues. Mostly running me through language impaired boiler plate procedures until my warranty was up. Once expired, last October, tickets are cancelled right after the paragraph that says Hi, I'm XXX and am here to help . . . This ticket is now closed. With no further correspondence. I had purchased an extended warranty from Newegg, that I am now being told was not "extended" as labeled and sold, but concurrent. WHAT! Who would buy a concurrent warranty, unless it's known that how bad the manufacturers support is. If I had known this, I would have hit up Newegg first than Netgear as one would and I did. But anyway . . . I can't get a reply from Netgear or have an intelligent conversation with Newegg, who usually is great about this kind of stuff.

Now someone at Netgear has offered help and has not returned any of my eMails to date. To me since you can't reply that you were able to get in contact with Netgear at this address and get some kind of result, this Manufacturers Reply seems to be a media spin that is basically a hoax that looks good for future readers that help was offered. But no one will ever know if any was actually given and whether it was of any use. But the good thing is that they did admit, although it was a "limited" number of units, that there are issues. So I am hoping that since I addresses this long before either warranty was up, that something positive will come of this. But so far nothing, insert crickets here. Oh well . . . we'll see.
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Re: Newegg(@)Netgear(.)com Help - Real or Hoax?

Never got a reply from three eMails sent to the address that is provided. Then did open a new ticket directly with Netgear and after several months and abysmal Level 1 Support that were so clueless and using the fact that my year of support had been wasted by them stalling in replies to my replies, that they escalated my ticket as I kept adding to the ticket to keep it open. The Level 2 Tech looked back to when I started filing tickets and it was only 6 months into the year and granted warranty support. Thank you!

So I see these people and their posts as just a smoke screen for those that read through the reviews and don't expect replies or progress in the correspondence and falsely think that there is actual support in the event there is a problem. Just one problem, I have yet to see the conversation go past the initial exchange.

From the new ticket where I was granted support, I got a DOA R6300v1 replacement that was then replaced by a 3rd unit a New v2 that I got today and so far things are night and day. Overall LAN speed has a definite faster feel to it. WiFi is much better. So all I can think is that since I waited a year after the v1 was released, which should have been plenty of time for them to work out the bugs, that I got two defective units. And during all this they have their ten day return or get charged thing that when I got a DOA unit what do I do? To get and answer which was an offered phone call from them at 4 a.m. so that we could get things straightened out all in one exchange, it took well over the ten days and I may get charged. This is when I was awarded the v2. Thank you! again. They want me to update the ticket so they can call back after I get the 3rd unit installed and running to make sure things are good. This is all great, but long after the expired warranty that I was delayed by their process to run out the warranty to write my off, so that I had to be obnoxiously persistent to get the assistance I should have gotten 10 months ago. Oh the joys of offshore TS.

But the gist of this thread from my experience and what is visible is that the so called "helpers" that chime in on online retailers reviews are frauds. And what's worse there is no way to reply in the thread and make mention that you were never contacted after you tried to contact them. Or to post bad experiences if by the grace of God that you get contacted.
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Re: Newegg(@)Netgear(.)com Help - Real or Hoax?

They're all BS. Even tigerdirect, I tried entering a negative review for PS and they wouldn't post it. All I said was it lasted 29 days before it smoked. and rated it a zero.
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