Nighthawk X4s low download speeds (including access point)

Hi all,

I am trying to figure out why my download speeds have plummeted after replacing my homes 2nd wifi router with a Nighthawk X4S. We were very satisfied with the first one, so decided to replace the airport router we had running with an additional X4S. 


I wanted to keep the house under one SSID so I set up the second X4S as an access point, connected via ethernet to our internet switch. Since doing that:


  • download speeds: 40Mbps 
  • upload speeds: also ~40Mbps


Any advice as to something I may have done wrong? Is it possible to set up two routers on the same SSID without using one as an access point? Anything else I should be looking at? I find it very curious that our upload and download speeds have been the same. We previously had download speeds of over 130Mbps. 



Thank you

Model: R7800|Nighthawk X4S AC2600 Wifi Router
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Re: Nighthawk X4s low download speeds (including access point)

Hi @agold,


Welcome to the community!


1. What is the firmware version of the extender?

2. Does the issue persist if the device is setup in extender mode?

3. Have you tried using the One WiFI Name feature?





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Re: Nighthawk X4s low download speeds (including access point)

Hi @DexterJB,

Thank you for the warm welcome. 

  • The firmware on both routers is listed as up to date: V1.0.2.60
  • Wouldn't the capacity of the network decrease if the second router was setup as only an extender for the connection of the first?
  • I have not tried using a one name feature. How would I go about that?

Looking for any and all guidance, as I am not a pro at this stuff. Thanks!


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