No Internet light but other lights are ON JNR 1010v2


No Internet light but other lights are ON JNR 1010v2

I bought this router, JNR 1010 v2 7 months back and it was working properly since I then , but 2 days ago internet stopped working suddenly. This router is connected to a Wireless Network ADSL 2+ router modem(via ethernet LAN cable) which is working fine and all LAN ports are also working fine as I tried to connect it to my PC directly  via LAN cable. The wierd thing is, Internet Light is OFF( as router doesn't seem to be detecting the internet signal coming from modem into WAN port) both Power and Wireless lights are ON  but also the 1st number LAN port light is ON constantly while there is nothing plugged into the port.

I tried to connect and reconfigure this roter by conneting it to my PC the router login page doesn't open up. But today again I gave it a try it connected and router page opened up with No internet connection showing up in red on Home page as there in no internet and  some how I managed to flash the firmware. Also I tried to hard reset the router but didn't work that LAN port light is ON constantly and when router is connected to PC(to configure) with the LAN cable plugged into the 1st Number port it turns OFF.

Wierd situation, Confused. Plz. help.


ISP: Airtel Broadband(India)
Model: JNR1010v2


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Re: No Internet light but other lights are ON JNR 1010v2

Hi @saurabh981


It looks like a hardware problem based from your troubleshooting steps. LAN port on the router should be lit whenever there's a computer plugged in. I suggest you contact support and get a replacement.





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