No link on JNR3210

I was bougt JNR3210 (N300) at 28.03.2015, and it's working fine due last week. If I connect provider's cable to any port on (lan or wan) there is no link. If I connect provider's same provider's cable to another router - link is ok on any port. And if I connect any another cable (from notebook for example) - there is no problems, link is ok. I don't understand - how may it be... 

There is last official firmware (, device was reseted to factory defaults, and refirmwared from to - there is not help.
Thanks for you time anyway!

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Re: No link on JNR3210

Hi @Ellix,


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Try to use a different Ethernet cable to connect from the modem to the router. See if you will get link lights. Another option is to try looping a cable by connecting an Ethernet cable into any ports on the router and the other end of the cable connects to the WAN/Internet port on the router. After doing this, did you get a light on the Internet port on the router?


Let us know what happens.



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Re: No link on JNR3210

Hi, ElaineM.


I haven't modem, router is connected to ISP switch (or it's patch-panel may be, I'm not sure, but it's not modem absolutly) via common patch cord. I'll tried connecting varios patch cords - there no link at router at any cases. Tech support of my ISP says me that link is up for some seconds and then going down.

I will try looping as you say today at evening. Will write results as it will be done.

Thanks for your help!

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Re: No link on JNR3210

Hi ElaineM.


I was created case in netgear support, and they offer replacement for my router.

Thank you for helping.

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