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Not able to configure for IPv6

Hi I am using NetGear N600 WNDR3800. I have to configure the router such that it provides private IPv4 and IPv6 addresses on LAN as well as WAN.
I followed the steps as instructed in the manual, but could not able to configure it to IPv6.

Currently my router can give IPv4 private addresses (192.168.x.x) I want the router to give IPv6 private addresses too. I tried different network types in "IPv6" of advanced menu such that Auto detect, Auto config, DHCP...etc but all yields to nothing.

Can anybody please suggest how can I achieve my requirement.

NOTE: I dont want my router connect to internet. I just want to create IPv6 private network as we can do in IPv4
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Re: Not able to configure for IPv6

I don't believe you can do this without the router being issued a IPV6 first on WAN side.
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