Optimal router settings for WNR2000V3?

So I recently got TMC (3mbps plan, I know but its good for the price.) and I want to know how to change my settings to optimize for internet downloads and what not. The settings are at 150mbps and channel auto and QOS has WMM Enabled. I do game alot on the xbox 360 so I wouldn't know what settings to tweak for the best. If it helps im using a Arris Surfboard 400 Series Modem White.The most I get is 3-6 mbps. 

I hope to get some help as I am new to this stilll and had the router for over a year now. Barely bought the modem last week.

I appreciate all replies that are recieved.



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Re: Optimal router settings for WNR2000V3?

are you using speed test? Looks like you are getting all you could. Router does not determine speed. Your subscription to ISP.

Mine is 50/3 mbps and speed test always confirms it. 

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