Optimal router settings?


Optimal router settings?

Router is up to date. PS3, XBOX 360 (Main gaming system), HDTV hard wired to router.

iPOD Touch 4G, HTC Evo 4G, Laptop, PC, bedroom XBOX 360 are all connected wireless.

What is the best/optimal setup/settings on my router for primary gaming on XBOX 360 and streaming media to XBOX 360/PS3 as well as downloading files on my laptop?

Nothing at this time seems "Wrong" but I just want to make sure I have it set up for optimal use.

BTW, when I am downloading a file, why does the genie pop up on the laptop with "High Network Traffic?"

And also, should I still continue running the genie at startup on the laptop or should I delete it and just log in via the browser? Is there any up or downsides to having the genie running at all times on the laptop?

Than you for your help and any information you can provide me in better understanding all of this,
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Re: Optimal router settings?

if you are experience user, i think you don't need Genie install in your PC.
once you finish the setup, you can un-install it.

for the wireless device, you can setup as some use 2.4GHz and some use 5GHz.
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