Poor WIFI performane


Poor WIFI performane

We have had an AC1750 C6300 for the last 7 years and it died on us last weekend. So we went and bought a new on (exact same thing). The previous one we had no issues what so ever. All items stayed connected at all times, but since we set the new one up last weekend, items on WIFI have been an issue. They will keep dropping signal all together or they will switch from 2.4 to 5 and then quit and you have to manually connect. I thought it was just an issue with my laptop, but it is happening with my Roku, iPhone and iPad. Does anyone have any tips on how to fix this?

Model: C6300|AC1750 Cable Modem Router Docsis 3.0
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Re: Poor WIFI performane

Your old wifi devices may be used to the settings on the old modem/router.


Did you give the new one the same SSID and password?


If that fails, it may help to tell the wifi clients to forget the wifi connection, and then set it up again from scratch.

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