Port Forwarding Limit

I set up my WNDR4500 and when setting up my port forwarding rules I was disappointed to find out that I couldn't have more than 20 port forwarding rules. Is there a way to change this. I need more than 20 port forwarding rules.

I wish this was clearly disclosed when I bought this router.
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Re: Port Forwarding Limit

Your post helped me.... I have a WNDR3700 and wouldn't mind upgrading to a newer router but I want to make a good increase on a 4500 and the only thing I need is more port forwards than the 3700 has.
I'll save my money....
Smiley Happy
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Re: Port Forwarding Limit

I wasn't previously aware that there was a limit. Perhaps it would be worth contacting Netgear's support team and raise a ticket to see if the can suggest a specific model which does support more than 20 rules for port forwarding?
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Re: Port Forwarding Limit

All the router will have limits bases in RAM in the each devices

So do not expect to have infinite amount of rules can be created on home end routers.
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Re: Port Forwarding Limit

Even some small business grade routers may limit the number of port-forwards and redirects available, mine (Draytek 2950) has a limit of 40, though I haven’t checked for a while so a firmware upgrade might have changed that, and it is an old router now.

Sometimes it’s possible to reduce the number of port forwards by changing port numbers in the applications running on the PC, and then specifying a range to forward that can cover several applications, e.g.

12345 – IP camera software
12346 to 12349 – Server
12350 to 12352 – P2P applications

The port forward rule for that PC would then cover the range 12345 to 12352 instead of three separate rules.
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