Port based VLANs in WNDR3800


Port based VLANs in WNDR3800


I purchased WNDR3800 router for my office. I was trying to create VLANs in the router's web interface and there is no option for that.

I called the technical support and they said that this router can't create any port based VLAN. I would to know if this is a hardware or a software restriction. Have anyone successfully created VLANs with this router? Maybe with OpenWRT or DD-WRT? I can't believe that a full-featured router like this is not capable to create port based VLANs.

I have a VLAN ready in a Netgear GS724Tv3 switch but I need to create the VLAN in the router too for routing and assigning an address to the VLAN network.
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[SOLVED] Re: Port based VLANs in WNDR3800

Thanks to budee in, I installed OpenWRT and made all the VLAN configuration graphically using the web interface, without editing any file.

Just create the VLAN (Switch), the interface and the firewall rules.

I installed OpenWRT Backfire 10.03.1 for ar71xx.

Solved Smiley Happy
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