Possible that firmware update affects wifi signal?


Possible that firmware update affects wifi signal?

Up until the last couple of months, I've been on the same firmware version that came with my WNDR3800 when I purchased a year and a half ago. I updated firmware to Version 44, and it seems that my wifi signal has gradually degraded in the last five to six weeks, beginning just shortly after upgrading firmware. I live in a two story condo, and I was able to get good signal throughout; I've heard it said that wireless routers are intended for single story, but this one actually did put out a great signal...once upon a time. Now, I'm only able to get wifi signal on one floor regardless of where I've tried relocating the router. The router is only a year and half old, and I doubt that the hardware has significantly degraded in such a short period of time.

Any ideas? I paid top $$ for this unit and can't stand to think that I'd have to drop another $150 or more for an equal or better router.

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Re: Possible that firmware update affects wifi signal?

I know of several Android devices that were affected by firmware updates...usually making it BETTER....but I can't say whether that is the case with your router. Did you check the wireless strength your router is set to? It certainly couldn't hurt. That's under the advanced setup, wireless settings.

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