Powering HDD down in sleep mode drops internet connection


Powering HDD down in sleep mode drops internet connection

Im a Mac guy doing some Win7 troubleshooting on the GF's computer...

We just replaced our modem/router on Saturday, got a new Motorla Surfboard cable modem and Netgear WNDR3400 Wireless Router at Fry's. The WiFi internet connection works perfectly with the Mac and the iPad of course, and at startup it's fine but when her Win 7 machine goes to sleep, the internet connection will drop and the only way to restore it is to reboot.

So I called the Netgear tech support line to resolve this and after about an hour troubleshooting with the tech, she discloses that this a known Win7 issue and the only way fix the problem is to disable sleep mode on the computer. I can put the display to sleep, but have to select "NEVER" for computer sleep mode in the Power Options control panel. I was told that I can bring up the CMD prompt and reset the connection that way as well but I tried that with the tech but it didn't work. I would just like the connection to stay connected, HDD sleeping or not.

Since her computer is an eMachine unit that was not nativelessly wireless, we are using a Netgear Wireless USB dongle. I asked about this but according to the Netgear support tech, it's a Win7 issue, not a USB adapter issue.

Do all of you Win7 guise have the same problem or are there some settings that I could change to solve the issue?

And yes the firmware has been checked to be the latest version.
And yes I went into advanced power options cp and changed the advanced power settings by:
-expanded the usb settings by clicking the "+"
--the "USB selective suspend setting" was set to disabled.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Re: Powering HDD down in sleep mode drops internet connection

This is for Intel devices, but the issue of Power Save Polling can apply to any manufacturer’s device that implements the feature;

Though I don't think it applies to any Netgear device that I know of.
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