Re: Problem extending ramge of DG834n with DG834G


Problem extending ramge of DG834n with DG834G

Here is my setup:

DG834n (A)with internet access is on the 2nd floor and I have been using DG834g (C) on a lower floor to "piggyback" signals to/from mobile devices. It was set up as "Repeater with Wireless Client Association" and worked very well. I did something to (C) the other day and had to factory reset. Now I cannot get back to the previous success. I have (C) connected to a laptop via ethernet to do the setting up but using IE to access (C) I keep getting messages that "this page is not available offline, please connect" - but I don't have internet connection yet!, and surely I don't need it anyway. C is at the end of the ethernet cable.

Could anyone provide a blow by blow account of how to get it working please.
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Re: Problem extending ramge of DG834n with DG834G

should be exactly the setup with WEP only
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Re: Problem extending ramge of DG834n with DG834G

Thanks for replying. These are the same instructions I've been following. The problem is it's not working. When I try to log into the DG834G (which of course at this stage is not connected to the internet) I keep getting IE message that the page ( is not available offline. So I'm in this endless loop. How do I overcome that?
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