Problem using router with Seagate Backup Hub


Problem using router with Seagate Backup Hub

I recently purchased a Seagate Backup Hub, 4TB drive to hook up to my R6220 (AC1200) router.  I have 3 computers on my home network that I wanted to have backed up on this drive.  I connected all three throught Readyshare and proceeded to start backing up the computers.  Sometime during the process, I noticed that the back up had stopped before completion, with “Back up engine failed” indication.  Repeated the backup and got the same results.  I also noticed that my internet had been disconnected in both instances.  Could the router be kicking me off? And, if so, is it also causing the backup to fail? Anybody experience this or anything similar?  Thanks for any help available.

Model: R6220|AC1200 Smart WiFi Router with External Antennas
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