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Problems connecting to

Ever since my router firmware update ( I've been having problems connecting to the router


When I connect to it, it sort of lets me connect and do whatever I want for about 2 minutes and then the connection to only cuts out (but internet remains fully functional), and when I try accessing it I get the message " took too long to respond.", in order to be able to connect to it for 2 minutes i need to remove and put back the ethernet cable.


This problem is only on my computer, works normally on all other LAN devices. I tried switching cables, switching slots, etc but nothing helped as this only happens on my computer.

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Re: Problems connecting to

Which Netgear device are we talking about here? VEGN2610? Is that an ISP provided box?


The address is not typical for most routers.




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Re: Problems connecting to

Yes, it's provided by my ISP Bezeq. is indeed the router ip for all Bezeq provided routers.

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Re: Problems connecting to

@ivankhoury It's best to report the issue to your service provider since the unit is provisioned by them. 

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