Problems with Basestation repeater setup and WNR2000v3

Problems with Basestation repeater setup and WNR2000v3

I have setup a Basestation and repeater setup with 3 identical WNR2000v3 routers but have an odd problem.

All routers are v3 all have the last or first as it may be its the only firmware available online.

(background setup)
All routers have the same SSID
All routers have unique LAN IP Addresses (base station) (repeat1) (repeat2)
Base station and repeaters all on channel 6
SSID is broadcast on all
Basestation is set as DHCP server starting IPAs at
Basestation is using MAC filtering no wep (due to slow speeds)
Basestation had MAC addresses of the repeaters on the Wireless repeater list all cust and pasted from their own status pages so there are no typos.
All repeaters list their own IPA and the basestation MAC in the Wireless repeater page as well.

The basestation is in an office (home) second floor, and repeat2 is about 38 feet from that one on the same floor a room away, repeat1 is on the first floor roughly 30 feet or less just one room over as well.

I can connect to all stations with my laptop and I can walk across the house and have the connection change over. I can ping all IPAs and connect to all management pages but at times one or both repeaters become unreachable and I have to power cycle them.

When they are running I can get a fairly decent signal from all three I could get 3 bars for example about 70-90 feet from repeat2 from the living room down stairs on the other side of the house but then they disconnect.

This is an odd issue because I have tried multiple channels as well from 3 to 11 changed the speed from 54g through 300Mbps and I am not too sure this is a range or signal issue since I can always connect to the base station. I am not sure if there is something I missed....

Anyone have any ideas?
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Re: Problems with Basestation repeater setup and WNR2000v3

also when I checked the attached devices page on the base station sometimes is shows both repeaters as wireless connects showing their MAC address and no IPA or device name , and sometimes it does show the IPAs but never device name its very random.
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Re: Problems with Basestation repeater setup and WNR2000v3

eclypse3demons wrote:
....but at times one or both repeaters become unreachable and I have to power cycle them.
Seems repeaters are getting too hot and lock up. Possible??
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Re: Problems with Basestation repeater setup and WNR2000v3

No I do not believe this is the case, the house has central air, hottest maybe 72 degrees, and its not a long time before this happens, also if I reboot or make any changes to the basestation itself where it cycles it picks them back up. Then drops them a short time later.

I do not believe its dropped connections because if I get close to any of the dropped units I cannot connect to them either. Even though roaming is enabled.

I suppose I could swap out one of the two repeaters for the basestation and swap rolls and see if it happens with another unit acting as the base.

I actually have 4 of these units. It does not make sense that there are issues with more than one unit though. Something is not right.
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Re: Problems with Basestation repeater setup and WNR2000v3

Contact NETGEAR support. You may have malfunction.
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Re: Problems with Basestation repeater setup and WNR2000v3

eclypse3demons, can I ask you a question?

How are repeaters setup to your base station? Are they wirelessly communicating to the base station if so? Can you detail your settings as I have a nightmare trying to set my repeater up see here if you dont mind reading:

1) [My Thread]
2) [A reply based on
on the same topic ]
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Re: Problems with Basestation repeater setup and WNR2000v3

My setup is quite simple, and no you do not lose speed in all situations, my problems are stemming from one repeater having a signal issue with the base station from one location. Its a big house so I am working on that but the actual setup no matter what is very easy.

Base station has its SSID set example BASESTATION and its IP Address set to like, DHCP enabled and I always start the range after all static IPs so in this case I have 3 units (base station) (repeater 1) (repeater 2). So I set dhcp range starting at On the repeater page of the base station I set it to base station and I fill in the two repeater's MAC addresses on this page.

I then set the channel to 11 on the base station. and leave all other settings except for the admin password.

Then on repeater 1 I set the SSID to the same SSID the base station had so it would be BASESTATION in this example. Set the channel to 11, and setup a new admin password (I used the same for all three routers). Then in the Repeater page of the setup I set the router as a repeater and give it one of the free IP addresses there say and I put the BASE Stations MAC address in the box below that and then hit apply. I repeat the same steps for the other repeater (repeater 2).

They all work flawlessly as long as they all have good range on each other. You do not need to setup any LAN IP information because when you set it in the repeater page it usually changes the static IP as well and disables DCHP on the repeater. Then if you want to set WEP up for security you can but remember it will drop you speeds down to 54G and its old tech. I personally just use MAC address filtering.

As far as speed is concerned. I used speed test from down stairs connecting through one repeater on the first floor and got 33.03Mbps downloads and 5.38Mbps uploads and thats hardly a hit to speed using everything wirelessly.
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