Problems with transferspeed over LAN (Laptop to Hard Drive)


Problems with transferspeed over LAN (Laptop to Hard Drive)

I have a netgear dgnd3700. If I have a Hard Drive to the netgear (usb) and I copy about 21 GB from my laptop via lan network on this Hard Drive, i have a transfer rate of 4.75 Mbit/ s.
I have my laptop set to full duplex. I swapped cables (cat5e). Why i can not speed up the data transfer with Gigabit LAN? This data rate I had with my old modem as well. Is there something else what will slow down the router? How quickly it can be in the best case?
I have also an sayabas nmt popcorn 110 (hard drive) in the network over lan. there i have a transfer rate of 3.75 Mbit/s. The nmt 110 has no gigabit. At my laptop there runs a windows firewall. The laptop ist a sony vaio 8 GB ram I 7. It is windows 7, 64 bit version installed.
Please help.
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Re: Problems with transferspeed over LAN (Laptop to Hard Drive)

hi Tommy, I think it is due to the limited capabilities of the usb function of the router. I dont use it but if you have a read of some of the posts on here you will see.

If you are transferring large files from computer to computer over giga lan you should see 60MB/s + rates.
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Re: Problems with transferspeed over LAN (Laptop to Hard Drive)

Thanks for the answer! I have also a synolgy 411slim. At this time the Syn is still packed. I hope i will habe better transferrates with the synology as 4,75 MB/s.
Perhaps Ich have to costomize the default settings at the dgnd3700 to get gigabit transfer?

What transfer rates do you have with your router?

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Re: Problems with transferspeed over LAN (Laptop to Hard Drive)

I have found that if I copy files between computers on my LAN, then the max speed is down to their capabilities.

Copying files to or from a USB drive attached to the router is also limited to a maximum speed.

This is not so much down to the 1Gbit adaptor, but more the limits of the processor.

With this in mind, streaming video or music content from the attached drive works just fine. However if I were to want to transfer large quantities of files to & from the drive, then another solution might be better if speed is important.

With this in mind, I don't believe that the USB ports on the DGND3700 should be considered suitable for use as a server or NAS drive, but more a very useful method of sharing files on a LAN or over the WAN if you have a reasonable upload speed.

The DLNA support is also very nice and I can stream video & music content from the drive to my TV.
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