R6080 connect to lan or wan port

i just purchased a 6080 router and am setting up a simple network with two computers for a local community club.

Computer A is running Windows 7 and is connected to a wireless public network, which is shared to the local connection.  Computer B is running Windows 10 and has a wireless connection to the router.  if i connect the ethernet on Computer A to the WAN port on the router, Computer B gets internet but no network access (cannot see other computer).  if i connect Computer A to the Lan port network access is perfect but there is no internet connectivity.  This was all working with the previous router.  Can anyone provide the connection details i need.  The router is still set to the default


Thank you

Model: R6080|AC1000 Dual Band WiFi Router
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Re: R6080 connect to lan or wan port

With the computer A running Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) it does act as the router to the Internet with the Public Wireless Internet, providing all services required on the LAN port (NAT, DHCP, ...). No need for an additional router. You might want to reconfigure your R6080 router to a wireless access point so it will no longer do routing/NAT, issue network addresses to the LAN. 

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Re: R6080 connect to lan or wan port

Connected to the Lan port the internet works perfectly but then i cannot see the other computer, i am attempting to run a small database and from Computer B, cannot access the data which is stored on Computer A unless i am connected to the WAN and "then" the internet doesnt work.  Connecting Computer B to Computer A is the primary goal, but it would be nice to have internet access at the same time.

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