R6100 Chromecast issues


R6100 Chromecast issues

I came back to continue the conversation at but it seems there's no way to re-open a "closed" conversation.


For the past year I've just reset my router every time we had an issue. Today I finally snapped and unplugged all of my chromecast and chromecast enabled devices (google home minis). I literally had my router go down 6 times within the span of 7 hours. (That's a new record.)


I've tried everything that was recommended in the prior discussion and have had no success. My understanding from reading about the chromecast issue is that it's been fixed as router manufacturers have updated their firmware to resolve the issue (see the case of TP link here,news-26465.html). Apparently, my router firmware hasn't gotten that memo. There's also been some indication that Google was working on rolling out a fix, but it seems absurd that they'd still be in that process so far removed from when that was posted and planned to start rolling out (January 2018)


Any help would be appreciated. I suppose maybe my only solution is to abandon ship with the R6100 since it seems to not be getting the support to combat the chromecast melt-down. 

Model: R6100|AC1200 Dual Band Router
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Re: R6100 Chromecast issues

@MisterMonkeyMan wrote: seems there's no way to re-open a "closed" conversation.


It died of old age.


What firmware version do you have on the device?

A number is more useful than "the latest". (It may not be by the time people read this.) There can also be newer versions, or "hot fixes", that do not show up if you check for new firmware in the browser interface.

The so-called chromecast meltdown was at the end of 2017. Google and all the other kit makers fixed it after a month or so. Most devices have had several firmware updates since then.


I assume that all your Chromecast kit is up to date.


In the case of the R6100 the latest firmware dates back to last October, a good nine months after the meltdown and the first fixes.


If you still see Chromecast issues, then it isn't likely to be the same bug. I certainly haven't seen any other reports in quite some time.





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