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R6220 - Limited Connectivity

Hello all,


I recently purchased a R6220 to replace our "Superhub 3" provided by Virgin Media and have been having some problems with it on my Windows 7 desktop. The desktop connects to the router via a Netgear A6210 adapter.


The issue I am having is that the desktop will get periods of "Limited Connectivity" to the router and will only reconnect fully if the router itself is rebooted. When this happens, no other devices suffer problems, it is just the desktop. I thought this might be a windows problem, but no amount of PC/Adapter restarting will fix the problem. It's not until I restart the router itself will the desktop reconnect again.


The firmware version is V1.1.0.42_1.0.1.


A wired connection is not possible, so wireless is the only option for this machine. There is no pattern to when ths happens, but it can occur between 1-3 times a day.


I'd appreciate any help you can give and let me know if you require any further details.

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Re: R6220 - Limited Connectivity

@Cannten wrote:


A wired connection is not possible, so wireless is the only option for this machine.



If this PC is always in the same place, I would investigate powerline as a way of connecting it to the router.


Powerline Networking | Powerline Ethernet | NETGEAR


Wifi is always iffy. Powerline is more robust and less likely to throw a wobbly. I assume that the PC and the router are on the same mains circuit.


In your case, who knows where the issue lies? Could be the router or the adaptor. Do you have the latest drivers and software for that?

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