R6250 with WNDR4000 as Repeater

I have a fibre optic connection in to the R6250, running both wired and wireless LAN (the latter with WPA2 configured. Wireless reception elsewhere in the house is not good, so I'd like to press my WNDR4000 into use so as to extend my wireless network and improve reception in these areas.

Looking at the R6250 I can see under Wireless Repeater that I could set it up as a base station which the WNDR4000 could connect to but when I start to set that up, I get a message saying that WPA2 has to be switched off, which makes me nervous - I don't want to run an unsecured network.

I am also unsure whether I want a repeater or a bridge setup - as a minimum I want to improve wireless reception elsewhere in the house but it could be useful to be able to plug in wired devices to the WNDR router upstairs so that it effectively also behaves like a wired hub, for example.

Can anyone help me out please? Simple and specific instructions would be very helpful - I am IT literate with understanding of IP addresses, DHCP, MAC addresses etc. but not a techno-head lol. Thanks!
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Re: R6250 with WNDR4000 as Repeater

If you run a Cat XX cable you could use the AP mode option on the 4000 and extend coverage and keep security at WPA2.

If you're not willing to use Cat xx between the 4000 and R6250 then you won't be able to keep security at WPA2.
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Re: R6250 with WNDR4000 as Repeater

Wireless repeating will have the following disadvantages:

- Will only work with WEP or no security.
- Limited to 54 Mbps.
- Will reduce throughput by half.

I would recommend connecting the 2 routers by ethernet cable instead. See
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