R6300 No Internet Connection

I have no internet access using the WiFi. I can bypass the R6300 and direct wire from the modem to the ASUS laptop (fn-F2 does not effect) and get online. I called Netgear phone tech,  when "we" went into the  cmd. ipconfig - the barely english speaking person said they see the problem.... Thats when the $$$$$ came into play!!!...   they said they could fix the problem if I coughed up enough $$$$$, (might as well buy a new-different brand router!).  I said good-bye!

   I have tried resets, reboots, manually entering the IP's, hardwiring the router, ..nothing??  I am writing this using the hardwire from the modem to the laptop. I can't get into  ""   anymore??


Thank You for all the help!!!!


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Re: R6300 No Internet Connection

we need a little more info:


1) Have you configured the wireless in any way? Example, are you using the default SSID and password or did you setup your own SSID and password? Are you using AES?


2) Are you able to connect to the SSID for the 6300? If YES, does it indicate a LIMITED connection?


3) Have you tried assigning a STATIC IP to your wireless computer?


4) If you connect to the 6300 with a LAN cable, are you able to access the internet?


5) Is your cable modem plugged into the YELLOW jack on the 6300?


6) Have you tried replacing the cable between the modem and the 6300?

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Re: R6300 No Internet Connection



#1.  Yes, was working fine wireless until one day.. it just no longer worked? Using the default SSID. AES, I have tried it with no security - makes no difference.


#2.  No. No


#3.  Yes, would not/  ..could not make that work>?


#4. No, I bypassed the 6300 using the same cat5e patch cable and was able to get online.


#5. It was.


#6. Yes

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Re: R6300 No Internet Connection

OK, this helps, we can confirm that the router does have an internet connection when you connect via ethernet.


So there are a couple possibilities,


the first is that the wireless on the router has somehow been disabled.


- on the bottom front center of the router there should be 3 lights from left to right: Power / Internet / and Wireless (blue)  Is the blue Wireless light on?  If not, on the right hand side of the router there are 2 buttons.  The top one says Wireless and the bottom one says WPA.  Press and hold the Wireless button until the blue Wireless light comes on in the bottom front center of the router.


If the wireless light (blue) is ON then connect to the router via ethernet and connect to the router via  Write down the SSIDs that are displayed.  Now, disconnect the ethernet and click on the wireless icon in the lower right-hand corner of the task bar.  Select the SSID for your router.  If the connection fails, then click FORGET NETWORK and then repeat and re-enter the WPA-AES key.


If you don't have a wireless icon in the lower right hand corner, go to control panel | network and sharing | adapter settings | and then disable and re-enable the wireless adapter.  Go into the adapter properties and make sure you have "get IP and DNS" set to automatic.


Now retry connecting and let me know what happens.

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Re: R6300 No Internet Connection

when you key in START  | CMD | IPCONFIG enter -- what do you see for the following fields:

Wireless LAN adapter Wi-Fi:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . : this might be blank
Link-local IPv6 Address . . . . . : forget this one
IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . : 
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . : 
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . : 


Now when you go into the ROUTER CONFIGURATION via ethernet and you go to the ADVANCED | SETUP | LAN tab what do you see for IP ADDRESS and SUBNET MASK?

Device Name


IP Address. . .
IP Subnet Mask. . .
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Re: R6300 No Internet Connection

I just re-read your problem with  Are you unable to get into ROUTERLOGIN.NET when connected via Ethernet? If that is the case, please connect to the router via ETHERNET and re-run the IPCONFIG command as I indicated earlier, and send me the fields that come up when you are connected via ETHERNET.


Thanks, I think I know what your problems may be

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Re: R6300 No Internet Connection

I am having trouble connecting to the Internet. When the router tries to fix it, it tells me the gateway is invalid and it can't test the DNS. I have no idea of what to do at this point. Is some other piece of my equipment at fault?
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Re: R6300 No Internet Connection

Hi @FTLguy,


I will need the following information for me to provide you with a recommendation:


1. Is your computer able to go online when directly connected to the modem?

2. May I know who is your  Internet Service Provider?

3. Have you tried performing a power cycle for the modem and the router?

4. Are both wired and wireless devices affected?





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