R6300 V1 ReadyShare printer function not working


R6300 V1 ReadyShare printer function not working

Windows 10 V1903 build 18362.476

ReadyShare USB control center V1.36 driver 1.83.35

R6300 V1 Firmware Version V1.0.2.80_1.0.59


This setup was working fine less than a week ago. I know Microsoft put out win10 update resently. Now ReadyShare print/usb function not working. I am positive it is a driver issue. After update I now have an 'unknown device' in device manager. I have 3 other windows 10  pc's. All are having same issue. My laptop (Windows 10) device manager has a 'Broadcom USH' with bad driver. Uninstalled/reinstalled readyshare downloaded from ''. Still same issue. Tried power off/on router. Same issue. Reboot computers. Same issue. Since my router is over the 90days and I could not find anywhere in 'support' for software issue I am posting this here hoping someone from Netgear can advise the appropriate people, or someone here knows how to get a good working driver.




Model: R6300|Dual Band 11ac WiFi Router R6300
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Re: R6300 V1 ReadyShare printer function not working

USH stands for Unified Security Hub - the Broadcom USH is mainly used for the fingerprint reader, it can be in place even if you don't have a fingerprint reader on your computer.


Head to the computer vendor support/download site, Dell for example had it listed as "Security Manager" - carefully choose 32 bit or 64 bit, depending on your WIndows installation.

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