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R6300-v1 and iPad Air-2 AC wifi deception...

With my iPad Air 1 wifi-N 128G and the router Netgear R6300-v1 (V1.0.2.38_1.0.33) I was connecting at 300 Mbit/s and that give an average of 14 MBytes/s speed on download/upload on my local network between my Giga-Ethernet computer.

So with the iPad Air 2 and the AC wifi I was expecting a much higher speed cause Apple said that AC on iPad will give a 2 to 3 time faster than the N wifi. But with iPad Air 2 I got a connexion at a fabulous 866 Mbit/s but only an average 16,9 MBytes/s on download/upload on my local network between the iPad and a Giga-ethernet computer.

All done on the 5Ghz channel.

So anyone got better result ? And if so, with what router ? Do I miss something I got to set on my router or iPad ?
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Re: R6300-v1 and iPad Air-2 AC wifi deception...

I finally found why my wifi speed was so low...

Windows 7 is to blame ! You see I have 2 partitions on my computer

Windows-7 and Windows-8.1. But I hate so much windows8 that I'm always running in Windows7. So I reboot in w8 and now I can upload to my computer at an average of 25MB/second !!!

Now I got to find out why windows 8.1 is more friendly to AC wifi then windows-7. Cause you see, I still hate windows-8 Smiley Happy))
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Re: R6300-v1 and iPad Air-2 AC wifi deception...

Finally I change my Netgear R6300 for the Netgear Nighthawk R7000 and it is really fast in wifi AC !

For me the Mbits link speed is meaning less... I prefer the real world of how much MBytes/sec the router can sustained !

So I can send a 877.7Megs file from my iPad Air-2 to my computer connected to a Giga-Ethernet port to the network, in 20 second wich is 43MB/s !

I saw a peak at 60MB/s in some test !

Also, it is strong upstairs in my office.
(Got to go thru a concrete floor and a wall)
And it run at 24 to 28 MB/s. It's real good !!!

But still got the problem of low speed when the computer run Windows-7 64 bits. Windows-7 is up to date and every driver is also up to date.
Test done at 6 feet from the router.
It run at 14 to 18MB/s (Genie App report my iPad at link speed of 866Mbits) while the same computer booting in Windows 8.1 run at 40 to 60MB/s !?!?!?

Windows 8.1 video test:

Faster on an Mac Mini Yosemite; video test
(blue number is the actual download speed in MBytes/s)

Anyone have idea on why this big difference in AC speed Between windows-7 and Windows-8.1 on the same computer ???

I think If I don't find the problem with windows-7 wifi AC I will have to get use to Windows-8.1... Smiley Surprised/
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