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R6350 VPN Setup for IOS

Greeting Community,


I am trying to configure my R6350 router for VPN service and use my Iphone 6s with IOS 12.3.1. According to the EASY directions I have successfully started the VPN service with the default ports

Advanced Configurations TUN Mode Service Type UDP TCP TUN Mode Service Port TAP Mode Service Type UDP TCP TAP Mode Service Port Clients will use this VPN connection to access All sites on the Internet & Home Network Home Network only Auto

UDP selected for both TUN and TAP and Auto for Clients.

The IOS has OpenVPN connect App installed.

My issues is how do I get the .opvn, key, certs installed on the phone? IOS does not let you saved them like a file as windows does.

So open VPN has no access to those files. whether, I email them, save them to the photo directory, download them directly. IOS says no go.  Also the key file is confused with the app keynote. I may have to uninstall?

My assumption is that this is not ios compatible. I will probably return the device. This box say vpn but it is very misleading.

Model: R6300v2|AC1750 Dual Band Gigabit router
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Re: R6350 VPN Setup for IOS

I have the same issue with Android and Windows on current firmware on the R6350 as well. I find it completely asinine that Netgear requires you to change the adapter name. That kills my other three OVPN configurations. No thanks.


I will be replacing my primary router with an ASUS that actually follows the OPVN standard and using the netgear as a WAP in ethernet bridge mode. What a hunk of junk!

Model: R6300v2|AC1750 Dual Band Gigabit router
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