R6400 will not stay connected to internet

Got home last night and nothing in my home was connected to internet ( Google Home, iPhones, laptop, etc). I can see networks on iPhone but when I tap to connect, it won’t connect. Called Spectrum who told me everything looks good coming into the house. They won’t tell me more because I own my own equipment.

I can use Everywhere Access to see Moden in the app and test speed. Not sure exactly what that means with current issue.

I have rebooted, unplugged, and restarted but nothing connects.

Hardware Version: R6400
Firmware: V1.0.1.62
Serial Number: 4B35637WA21B7
Model: R6400|AC1750 Smart WiFi Router
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Re: R6400 will not stay connected to internet

What are all the led's on the R6400 doing? (color/blinking/solid)

What modem are you connecting it to? 

If you hardwiring into the router, does it work?

CAX80-> RBK53-> GS716v2-> TP-Link M9Plus
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