R7450 parental controls


R7450 parental controls

Please help. We lost our previous router to our home flooding. The only available model near us was the r7450 and I cannot find any app compatible for any parental control. Circle genie or orbi. Is there anything else anyone knows that works? Shows and inappropriate things are popping up on kids tablets etc
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Re: R7450 parental controls

Which do you want? Circle or Parental Controls?


I see no indication in the manual that the R7450 supports either. But this may be added in new firmware.


If so, the Netgear Nighthawk app may support Circle.


The Nighthawk app no longer supports Parental Controls, but you can still use a browser or the desktop genie app.


If you visit the support pages:


Support | NETGEAR


you can feed in the model number and find all the documentation for your hardware.



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