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ReadySHARE USB Storage Access / ReadyShareConnect

I'm about to replace the an old network drive with a larger one, and have a few questions.

What exactly is ReadyShareConnect? A device driver? User interface? Windows Explorer plugin? I've just never figured this out.

Must I run ReadyShareConnect again, on every computer connected to the network, before they'll ever see the new drive?

The old drive continues to appear in Windows Explorer, but with a red X through the icon. With the drive no longer connected to the router, how do I properly remove that link in Windows Explorer?

As I move data from the old drive to the new, I am finding a number of ownership problems. Most files and folders are owned by "Everyone," with most normal permissions, and cause no issue when I work with them. Windows tells me that for some of the folders/files, "Unable to display current owner." For these folders/files, I have to manually change to either the System or Admin/User, and then manually change these to "Everyone," as with the problem-free folders/files. During this process, I see a coded user account that reads something to the effect of "S-1-1-11-1111111111-111111111-11111111-1111," where all those 1's are seemingly random characters. I assume the router or router software creates these user accounts. They could be all the same, but I've not actually checked.

Before anyone pipes in with hacker warnings, please keep in mind that these are randomly placed on non-sensitive data with absolutely no value to anyone. This is a hardware or software thing, not a hacker thing.

Anyway, this causes problems when I attempt any operation that manipulates these folders/files in any way, such as copying from one hard drive to another. Thanks to the way Windows candles file transfers, one problematic folder/file can cause gigabytes of other, viable data, not to transfer. More than a little annoying.

Finally, a question I've asked before, only to be met with complete silence. The ReadyShareConnect software automatically assigns networked USB drives the drive letter Z: and some form of volume name called "ReadyShareConnect"—my memory could be wrong. I've noticed access problems when multiple computers reference the same networked drive letters. That is, one computer will access this Z: drive, while another will not—unless I change the Z: to another letter. This problem is never mentioned in any documentation, so I'm asking why this happens. As an aside, I change that default volume name to something such as Wireless Network Drive, because "ReadyShareConnect" is just plain ugly.

I bought this router because it purported hassle-free networked access to USB drives. It does not. My XP machines routinely and randomly lost access to the network drive. I have to fuss with the drive letter. And my folder/file permissions are being randomly corrupted. Before I ever buy another NetGear router, I need to know that these problems have been addressed.
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Re: ReadySHARE USB Storage Access / ReadyShareConnect

I can answer one of my own questions:

You must run ReadyShareConnect for every USB drive connected to the router. Windows will not recognize this drive until that is done.

Windows Explorer will continue listing the old drive until it is disconnected.

Now for the weird part:

On one machine, the volume name is the same as it was for the last drive, "Wireless Network Drive." This is NOT the actual volume name assigned when I formatted the drive. I did not enter this while running ReadyShareConnect. In fact, I used the default volume name, because the one I wanted to use would not work. I used the same drive letter as before, and I suspect that is why I got the same volume name.

Now, if I could remember how I changed the volume name in the first place....
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Re: ReadySHARE USB Storage Access / ReadyShareConnect

OGM. More voodoo....

Let me specify that I have computers connected the the router via Ethernet and computers connected wirelessly.

On some computers, the new USB drive automatically appears in Windows Explorer with the same volume and drive name as the old USB drive that is no longer connected. I didn't have to disconnect the old drive in Windows Explorer.

On other computers, the new USB drive never appears in Windows Explorer, unless I run ReadyShareConnect. And I have to disconnect the old drive in Windows Explorer to permanently remove it from the display.

I thought this had something to do with Ethernet/wireless, but that's not it. One wireless computer required another run of ReadyShareConnect, while another wireless computer did not.

I'd like to understand why.
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Re: ReadySHARE USB Storage Access / ReadyShareConnect

Now I get to backpedal:

You might have to run ReadyShareConnect.

You might have to disconnect the old drive in Windows Explorer.

Obviously, I don't know how to edit these posts and, also obviously, I'm seeing apparently contradictory behavior.
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