Readyshare account for WebCam access?

Is there any possibility of using a ReadyShare Cloud account to access a web cam that is on a port on my wireless network? While visiting family I have enjoyed sharing photos and videos stored on my 4720 drive through my ReadyShare account. I just wondered if there is currently a way or if future Netgear routers could also allow me to check my IP camera through this same ReadyShare access to my router.
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Re: Readyshare account for WebCam access?

not sure if ready share cloud can do that since it is not really real time and is very limited in what you can do with the data.

If you use a wireless security camera, then they will often allow you to connect to them remotely using your WAN IP address if the proper ports are forwarded (or if the camera uses upnp)

If the camera is not designed for WAN access then the 4700 will not work for sharing the camera since netgear never added a VPN server.

For me personally, I have an additional router behind the 4700 and it runs tomato and acts as a PPTP VPN server which I use to RDP into a few of my computers as well as access my security camera.

I have rules set to block wan access for my specific camera since nightowl uses horrible security (max length of 5 characters and no special characters for a password and no limit on attempts) I was able too use a password generator to create a random 5 character password, and then use a simple tool to crack it in about 10 minutes)

So my solution for security is to access it over PPTP

note to netgear:
This will all be simplified when netgear hopefully adds a VPN server in a future firmware release (if netgear is reading this, please add a VPN server)

Many network enabled consumer electronics do not consider network security to be a priority and thus are unsafe to have exposed to the internet.

Allowing for a easy to use VPN will allow users to block WAN access to those devices then use VPN to securely access them.
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