Readyshare "accounts"


Readyshare "accounts"

Hello All, 2nd question from a new owner;

I successfully added a USB hard drive and all is working correctly. However, I only have two choices - guest or admin.

If I wanted to open this up to FTP on the internet, how would I add accounts so that people would need to login?

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Re: Readyshare "accounts"

Hi, did you manage to resolve this? As I'd like to know how to do that too.. Don't want to give other people my admin pass
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Re: Readyshare "accounts"

Is there not a "User Setup" in the storage section of the web GUI (Advanced tab)? I only have the WNDR4700, but I assume they have similar settings in the web GUI Genie, and the advanced section has user setup where you can create users and rules for each. Those users are for router access/login in general, once added you can then setup rules for those users in the readyshare advanced settings tab. So, I assume yours is probably similar, and you might just not be looking at it how I mentioned above. Test that out, create a new user, then edit your readyshare folder permissions and you should then be able to add that new user.
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Re: Readyshare "accounts"

Aurora420 wrote:
Is there not a "User Setup" in the storage section of the web GUI (Advanced tab)?

I only have the WNDR4700, but I assume they have similar settings

I'm also concerned.
I don't have any User setup in my wndr3800 router web GUI.
That could be so easily implemented in the firmware and I don't understand why this haven't been done so yet.

Seems wndr4700 has different settings.
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Re: Readyshare "accounts"

There are only 2 user "accounts", guest and admin as you correctly identify. You can't create more. The admin account is the same password as the admin account for the router so if you set up FTP access to the internet for the admin user you are exposing your admin password due to the insecure nature of FTP. Hence you should be careful not to enable remote management of your router.

This pretty much leaves you with guest unfortunately.

Seems a bit daft to me that you have to access the router web admin from outside via SSL on port 443 for security (which is good of course) but then are forced to make your admin password vulnerable if you want to open up your FTP server...
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Re: Readyshare "accounts"

I agree, this is pretty shady. There are only two accts available. User "Admin" that shares the router's Admin password, or "All" which defaults to username "Guest" and no password is required. You cannot create individual users or groups, nor can you assign individual folder level permissions. Anyone who needs remote or FTP access to their network for this purpose should probably consider a dedicated NAS. In Netgear's defense.. From a security perspective, no one can gain access to the router remotely if Remote Administration is disabled, but I would feel better being able to create users or groups if I was going to use this feature.
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