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Reporting connection to WAN speed?

I have tried prying an answer out of Netgear support but all I get is that I have less than 4 months and all Netgear wants to push is their Gearhead service for $129-$199 for an obsolete router.

I have been trying to deal with a loose connection on the WAN port of this router since DAY 1 (cables do not seat tightly in the WAN port but others seat snug/tight!. Now, I was looking at the port status of this device - AT&T Uverse Gateway reports a 1Gb port connection, yet the Netgear R6300v2 reports only 100Mb connect speed. The cable between the devices is a Cat 5e cable and has been checked for shorts/etc and the cable tests good. There are no 10/100 devices connected in my network. What gives?
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Re: Reporting connection to WAN speed?

Sometimes Auto-negotiation simply fails, typically where the devices at each end of the link are from different manufacturers. Individually these devices may work perfectly well with other equipment, and so tricks like adding an Ethernet switch between the two might get the overall link working at full speed, but that means adding an extra box.
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