Router R6020 Wi-Fi Issues


Router R6020 Wi-Fi Issues

Hi to all, can I get some help please, I have the R6020 purhcased just past 12 months ago and it has been great until a week ago. I am connected via wireless device which is connected to my PC and the R6020 is 10 meters away in another room. Connectivity to the device for the past 12 months has been great but in the past week I have noticed that surfing the internet has been extreamly dead slow. At times almost impossible to load a webisite, including this site. When I have the issue I test my internet connecion on the same PC an get 40-50 mbps download and 10 mbps upload speeds so my internet connection is good but Wifi R6020 is the issue. Can anyone suggest what can be done or what to check for? I try shutting everything down for 5 minutes and back but this does not change. I tried changing chanel for auto to 1 which seems to show the highest stars when testing with wifi android app, this helps a little but still not good enough.


I also switched the wifi off, installed a cheap Optus free wifi router and internet is perfect.

Any suggestions? see attached.

Model: R6020|AC750 Dual Band WiFi Router
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Re: Router R6020 Wi-Fi Issues

Sorry more info below and attachment.

Router Firmware Version


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Re: Router R6020 Wi-Fi Issues

have also updated to the latest firmware, still same issue.


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Re: Router R6020 Wi-Fi Issues

Are you connecting the pc to the 2.4ghz or 5ghz signal?

2.4ghz is more sensitive to interference because of the less available channels. 

I also usually recommend switching between 1-6-11 and seeing how they perform.

You also said, when you speed test, you get 40-50mbps. I'm just curious if this is when the speeds are slow? Or how are you getting these speeds?

What modem are you using? model

What wireless device is connected to the PC? model

Are any other devices having this issue or just the pc?


Current setup: CAX80->Trendnet TEG-S380->GS716T-> RBK752->pi-hole
1.4gig download/50mbps upload
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