Router Slow Connection Speeds

I have a 75 mpbs internet connection and I'm experiencing extremely low speed on my N450 WNR2500 netgear router.


I connected my laptop directly to the modem and was pulling the advertised 75 mpbs or better. When I connected to my netgear router I was only pulling on the high side 11mpbs up and down. This is an N router that should be able to handle this speed and i'm getting what appears to B wireless router speeds. I know I will always lose a little on a wireless connection so I wired my laptop directly into the router to see what kind of results I would get in this situation. In the end I got the exact same average of 11mbps up and down.


I troubleshot the router to including changing multiple settings with absolutely no change. I feel like I'm missing something basic here if my speeds are this slow. I got much more out of this router in the past. Does anyone have any recommendations or suggestions?

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Re: Router Slow Connection Speeds

Hello @Jester471,


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Do you have the latest firmware installed on your router? The latest firmware for the router is version If you haven't upgraded the firmware yet, please do and follow the instructions from this link.

Also, after upgrading reset the router and reconfigure. Push the reset button on the router with a paperclip for 10 seconds. Resetting the router will require reconfiguration.

If you happen to have the latest firmware, try to reflash the firmware and see if it will help.


Let us know what happens.

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