Router compatible with CM1000-1AZNAS modem


Router compatible with CM1000-1AZNAS modem

I just bought a Netgear CM1000-1AZNAS modem and want to get a compatible router.  The router I have is definitely inadequate and too old and is in questionable condition also.  I have a 700 square foot apartment with 10 foot ceilings and I want the signal throughout the apartment.  What sort of router will do the trick?  Obviously, I don't need a monster.  I have gigabyte internet service (Cox calls it "Gigablast").

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Re: Router compatible with CM1000-1AZNAS modem

There's a lot of details that could be looked at. These include price, performance desires, how many devices you'll be using, area (already stated), future moves, etc.

Covering 700 square foot you really shouldn't need a mesh network but its never out of the realm. Again, a lot depends on your variables.


I've heard many good things about the R7800 for a middle of the road device.  Its able to saturate gigabit, has been reliable, and provides good coverage. With that said, its a couple years older which means the firmware is mature and its a bit cheaper than buying a "monster". I'd look at the list of routers and compare to what your budget and expectations are.

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