Router has to be rebooted frequently - getting worse

I put this 4500 v2 router into service on Jan. 9, according to my notes. Firmware is

About two weeks ago, I started to experience apparent slowdowns in download speeds. Also, my wireless would stop working completely every 3-4 days until powercycled. More recently, I have had to powercycle every day.

Is this one problem or two distinct problems? Hardware? Firmware? Am I even asking the right questions?

Can anyone recommend a utility that will automatically log network speeds on each PC in my home LAN so I can even document these issues. There are also 2-4 Apple iPxx on the LAN at the same time, so I know I'm going to get some slowdown when multiple devices are active.

I spread my systems and devices across the 2.4 and 5.0 networks.


Home LAN includes 2 Win 7 desktops, 2 Win 7 laptops, 2 iPads, 2 iPhones, 1 "smart" TV. ISP is Comcast.
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Re: Router has to be rebooted frequently - getting worse is definitely stable for me, but only if IPv6 is disabled (it is by default). If I turn that on, the router does not operate normally for more than a couple days at most. ( was supposed to fix IPv6 support, but did not; plus .54 has other problems.) So if you are using IPv6 currently, try disabling that for a while to see how things go.
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Re: Router has to be rebooted frequently - getting worse

You might want to try the latest firmware.
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