Router keeps rebooting randomly


Router keeps rebooting randomly

Hi guys,


Have had the R6400 v2 for almost 2 years now. Worked perfectly fine for the first 15 months but since then, have experienced random reboots by the router for no apparent reason. The router isnt hot to touch and is kept at a fairly open place. Also checked the plug point with my backup TP-Link router just to exclude power fluctuation as the reason and the TP-Link worked perfectly. Have tried all other usual solutions - firmware updated, firmware flashed to original version, factory reset etc but to no avail.


Out of frustration, switched off the 5GHz radio & connected all devices only to 2.4 GHz. Not sure if its a solution but for the past 10 hours, the router has not rebooted.


Any inputs/solutions from the community would be most welcome as this constant reboots has driven us mad, especially given the Work from home environment. Also, switching off 5GHz means I am not able to fully use my ISP bandwidth (200 Mbps).


Thanks in advance

Model: R6400|AC1750 Smart WiFi Router
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Re: Router keeps rebooting randomly


I'm having the same issue with my r7000 router. I moved the power brick to another outlet and it reduced the amounts of times that it restarts. I also think it may be because of either the software being faulty or the power brick going bad. Have you tried replacing the power brick?

Model: R7000|AC1900 Smart WIFI Router
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Re: Router keeps rebooting randomly

Try a different power adapter, sometimes they start going bad also.

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