Router no longer accepting password


Router no longer accepting password

I work in a very small office for a non-profit. We came into work this morning and no one was able to connect with the wifi. After trying to connect for a while, it asks for the password. We have had the same password since before I started working here two years ago. It will not accept this password. Everything worked fine on Friday when we left work. No one in our office is tech savvy at all so the odds of anyone changing the password intentionally are less than 0. I do not see a reset button on the router. 

The lights on the router are on so it does have power and is working. We have also tested the internet and it is working so we know it is not an internet issue. 


Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you. 

Model: JGS524|24 Port Gigabit Switch
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Re: Router no longer accepting password

> Model: JGS524|24 Port Gigabit Switch


   That's a network switch, not a router.  Step one: Find and identify
your router.  Then, visit , put in your model
number, and look for Documentation.  Get the User Manual.  Read.  Look
for the LED and button descriptions and "Troubleshoot".

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Re: Router no longer accepting password

The router was hidden behind an old desk and once we powercycled it, it fixed the problem. I have no idea how all of the other technical equipment got in one place except for the router. But we resolved that as well. Thanks for taking the time to respond. 


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