Router not seeing wired connections


Router not seeing wired connections

Suddenly, my router is refusing to allow wired devices access to the network. The LEDs on both the router and the devices show a good connection. All of the wireless devices can see each other and the internet. Anyone have this problem? They were working yesterday and they are not working today. I didn't do anything to the router prior to the change. Since then I soft booted, hard booted and now I have done the firmware upgrade to the router. No luck. My next step would be to reset the to factory and start all the configuration again. I would rather not do that. Any suggestions?
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Re: Router not seeing wired connections

I need more info.
* Model no of Router?
* Any switch between Router and wired PC's?

If on a Windows machine: Start > Run > cmd.
Type "ipconfig".
Do you get a 192.168.xx.yy address for your PC?

If you are not getting an IP address, and eveything was working fine, until 2 days ago, then I would have to conclude that the device has a hardware fault, and you are looking at replacing.

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Re: Router not seeing wired connections

Model Number: WNDR 3800
Nothing between router and PC

Occasionally the router will show the wired connection in the attached devices list. When this happens, I get the same IP address when I do the IPCONFIG. However, I am still not able to connect to the internet AND I cannot ping the router.

I would hate to see this router is bad already. I just bought the darn thing 6 months ago.

Thanks for any help you can give
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Re: Router not seeing wired connections

Hard reset the router and reconfigure it.
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