Router reject specific URL


Router reject specific URL

I rent webspace at "" where I also have a homepage and my email (private domain).

I recently decided to use their gallery function where a photo gallery gets its own url at the domain. As an example if my domain is the gallery would be something like

While I can access my homepage correctly (as well as any subpages in that spiel) I get something like "[Service blocked: ICMP_echo_req] from source, Thursday, Jun 20,2013 06:03:21"

I can ping the address specified in the message.

As it stands I have no clue if there is something in the router that blocks the address or something from my network provider or something at the webspace provider.
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Re: Router reject specific URL

I got the reply elsewhere. As it happened I had to add a DNS entry to my connection settings. After this it works OK.
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