SRXN3205 and Microsoft VPN Issues


SRXN3205 and Microsoft VPN Issues

I have just installed a Netgear SRXN3205 as my primary firewall and my DHCP server I am running Windows 2008 VPN server, which is also my DNS/Wins server, behind the firewall. From a VPN connection I can access all of my drive mappings/files on all servers using IP or Host name. However when I try to run our ERP app. across the VPN it cant pass through. The local client uses TCP port 7778 and the server uses port 9001. Where do I need to open these ports up on the firewall to allow my ERP client to access the ERP server using the VPN connection.
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Re: SRXN3205 and Microsoft VPN Issues

there is not need for ports be open for VPN tunnel from WAN side.

VPN client are connecting to the VPN server so server itself must allow the connection rather than a router.
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