Severe Firewall Problems

I am almost positive this thread is in the wrong place because I could not find where to post, but anyway. My WNR2000 keeps blocking so many things it's ridiculous. I try to play video games online, they're blocked or their packets are dropped. I try to portforward, doesn't forward the ports at all. Sorry if I sound rude, I am just frustrated. :mad:
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Re: Severe Firewall Problems

I've moved the thread to a more appropriate forum. What you need to do is chill some and then provide us with a little more detail - there's not much we can do to help without the details - I've used the WNR2000 personally, it's a fine little router, and I had no issues with it - like all consumer NAT routers, it passes all outgoing packets and drops all unsolicited incoming packets, and port forwarding should not be required unless you want to permit unsolicited incoming requests.

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