Slow Internet speeds


Slow Internet speeds

I have a WNDR3800 currently running V1.0.0.40 and using TimeWarner 15/2 internet connection. About 2 weeks ago I upgraded to .48 and the upgrade went fine no issues during or after. A few days after I noticed my internet running slow so I contacted TimeWarner and once we removed the WNDR3800 my internet speeds shot up from 1MB/0MB to 16MB/2MB.

I've check all the cables and they don't appear to be the problem, I've down graded the Router to .38 which did work for awhile. I was able to get 8MB/2MB connections wirelessly which I'm fine with at the moment. But today my speeds dropped again to the 4MB and lower range so I upgraded the router to .40 to see if that would help, no change.

I've set my DNS back to my ISP from OpenDNS, Enable 20/40 MHz Coexistence, tried several different channels but I don't see any improvements.

I'm thinking of setting the Router back to Factory defaults and starting over to see if that helps. but before I do I'd like some suggestions as to what my problem could be.

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Re: Slow Internet speeds

I too am experiencing slower than expected speeds, although I have been seeing this since before the latest firmware upgrade. Did reseting to factory defaults help at all for you?
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Re: Slow Internet speeds

ditto, following .48 upgrade.  I just changed the 2.4Ghz to channel 6 and set mode to 130Mb.  I went from 5Mb down to 25Mb down on a 50Mb FiOS connection.  if you're running with the 5Ghz turned on, make sure you set it to Mode 130Mb also or leave it turned off.

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