Slower hardwired speeds.


Slower hardwired speeds.

So, I bought an R6400 today to improve the wifi coverage in my house. However, I've always kept my gaming PC hardwired to my ISP's modem for the best speeds I can get. I get everything set up, and plugged my PC into the router. Now, I pay for 105Mbps down/25Mbps up service from Comcast. Before, I was getting 115Mbps+ speeds, sometimes as low as 108. This is what I'm getting now:



I had to bridge the modem so that I could get an open NAT on Xbox Live, and I'm still getting the above speed when connected to the R6400. I unbridged the modem and plugged back in to the modem a bit ago, and still getting 100Mbps+. Why is my speed through the router so much less? I've never had this happen with any other router I've owned or worked with, and I'm a bit stumped.

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Re: Slower hardwired speeds.

If you have upstream and/or downstream QoS enabled, then try disabling it.  Leave WMM on, however.


If that fails, then try a factory reset.  Then set up the Internet and LAN ports; change the admin password; and set up the Wi-Fi networks and passwords.  Leave QoS off, as before (WMM still on).  Disable port forwarding.  Disable Access Control.  Basically, don't turn on anything fancy.  You can optionally clone your PC's MAC address to the router WAN port.  Re-enable bridge mode on the modem.  Now, retry your speed test.  If your speeds are good, then selectively enable any other features that you were using on the router and repeat the speed test.  Hopefully, you can find the offending feature.

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Re: Slower hardwired speeds.

I am having someone what of the same issue. I just have a R6300 connected to my modem and the router is connected to my PC and I am getting horrible speeds but my wifi is fine. Have you found a solution to this problem? 

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Re: Slower hardwired speeds.

Hi @Itgamer,


1. Does the issue happen on all wired devices?

2. What is the firmware version of the router?

3. Do you have any QoS feature enabled?





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Re: Slower hardwired speeds.

It was due to a bad eithernet cord. It was resolved. 

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