Thinking of Buying a WNDR3700v4


Thinking of Buying a WNDR3700v4

So I run a good amount of devices mostly Wired most of the Wireless Users use an access point so I just need a good stable router. Theres between 15-20 devices connected at one time and about 5-8 of them are using the internet.

I was thinking about getting the WNDR3700 its prob a v4 from staples today but I`ve been reading problems with WiFi/WAN dropping out. Is this something that rarely occures due to someone not setting up something correctly or what? I`m very experienced when it comes to this sort of thing but I just want something that will be stable.
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Re: Thinking of Buying a WNDR3700v4

If you ask ten people you'll get ten different answers, buy it, keep receipt, if it acts up during return period (30 Days) return it.
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