Throttling Internet Speeds?

Hello group,
I just purchased one of these routers, a "premium edition", offered used on ebay. Prompt shipping, and hooked it up with no problems, working great as far as I know now for a week.

This replaces an older Netgear router I had for a number of years that simply provided for wireless computer service around a rental home I was in.

Now I have retired to FL into a new residence where I wish to have service for a my laptop and wife's Ipad simultaneously, plus some stream video via Roku in lieu of traditional cable TV. This router should easily be capable of that usage?

I'm having some trouble with my new Comcast service. I was told I would get an introductory speed of between 6-12 mbps for a 12 month introductory rate. Turns out I am getting a rather consistent speed of 3.61 mbps according to their 'speed test site'. And I have checked this both wirelessly and directly wired into this router.

In my live-chat with the Comcast rep this morning he has made attempts to blame my router for the slower speeds I am getting.
1) So my first question is does a router (or this one in particular) really slow down the internet speed that much when it is hardwired directly to my laptop?
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Re: Throttling Internet Speeds?

Disconnect the router and wire a PC directly to the modem and test - my guess is you'll be calling Comcast back.

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Re: Throttling Internet Speeds?

fordem wrote:
Disconnect the router and wire a PC directly to the modem and test - my guess is you'll be calling Comcast back.

I tried to do that but I had trouble getting the computer to connect to the internet directly. It asked for my Comcast identity and password, but would still not make the connection?

I was also in a conversation just yesterday with a pretty knowledgeable guy who urged me to "go into my router" and see what sort of speeds it is ....processing...I guess might be the correct word? I though I might give that a try, but I'm on the older side of age, and trying to sort out this new computer tech is a bit of a challenge.....I may give that an attempt tonight.
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