Trouble with Tivo viewing

I have a WNDR3800 with Tivo Support Media Server enabled. I am having trouble on playback of a show. I know I've run into a log file in the past, but can't remember where or how I got to it.

I access the network drive by \\readyshare\USB_Storage in explorer or browser. I'm poking around the router settings and I found the admin log in under Administration->Logs but its not very interesting. I recall once seeing a much more verbose log that was more media related.

Does someone know of this log? I am hoping it will provide a clue as to the problem.

The specific viewing problem is that the Tivo show on the network drive seems empty-ish. Duration is 0, but size is 5.6GB.

The steps taken:
1. record Tivo show (HD).
2. On PC (W7-64), use TIvo Desktop to pull it to My Tivo Recordings.
3. On PC, copy show from My Tivo Recordings to \\readyshare\USB_Storage\Tivo.
4. On Tivo, when attempt to watch (transfer) from ReadyDLNA\WNDR3800, get Error (long and not very pertinent. Some generic catch-all baloney error about could be this or that or that). Can't get the error again. Now it just says immediately "Do you want to Keep or Delete".

On the PC, I can watch it just fine using Windows Media Player. On the Tivo I can watch it fine via the PC connection. But the whole idea of the network drive is so don't have to have PC in the mix for viewing.

The USB drive has tons of other Tivo shows on it that are just fine. They are primarily from my old Tivo Series 2 (standard def). My current Tivo Premiere 4 (HD) has had trouble storing Tivo shows on this drive since I got this setup last year. Its been very frustrating. It's usually been scanning problems or pixelation problems, but now this one. I don't know if its SD/HD related or not. Just throwing that out. Lots of different things in the mix.
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Re: Trouble with Tivo viewing

Well, I decided to test out a smaller video that was 2GB instead of 6GB just for the heck of it. That proved worse!!

But maybe a different symptom will help get to the root of the problem.

When I went to view the smaller file, the Tivo did not even show my WNDR3800 DLNA content menu item at all!!! I rebooted the router and checked later and only 14 of my 46 shows were showing up on Tivo.

So I dug deeper to find out where the log lives and I found it. It turns out the new show caused the minidlna startup process to crash. That show is the last "start insert" command in the log. (looks like the startup procedure loads the shows in alphabetical order fwiw). There is also a core-minidlna dump file in the .ReadyDLNA directory.

Is there any Netgear support for diagnosing such a dump file?

This really is a bumma. I got the WNDR3800 solely because of the Tivo feature. Its proved pretty useless with any Tivo Premiere 4 files.
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