Trying to bridge or link a Netgear AC1750 with a Netgear 22


Trying to bridge or link a Netgear AC1750 with a Netgear 22

I live way out in the the country, our internet is not the greatest and we have had an older wireless router for a while now. (Netgear22 not sure model) We have purchased a camera system ( Smonet) and I want to hook it up elsewhere than where my router is, but the NVR of the camera system needs to be plugged into a router. I went and purchased a Netgear AC1750 model R6350 to hopefully bridge or link to my exstiting router. Im I wrong for trying this or is there a better way? I cant get my routers to bridge. Im wondering if my older router is too old and outdated or if that matters. 

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Re: Trying to bridge or link a Netgear AC1750 with a Netgear 22

I would look at the older router and see what model it is. there should be a label or stick on it somewhere with a label. That's kind of the key as something I'd recommend is always have the better router as primary. so going   modem/isp gateway------->best router------->secondary router. its pointless to have an old router acting as primary as they usually are slower and tend to be the bottleneck in speeds. 

Page 139 of the R6350 manual walks you through setting up wifi bridge mode.


Another option for you thats probably simpler and easier for setup is a wireless extender. Most (not all) extenders have an ethernet port that you can attach a device to. If you're not familar with setting up bridge mode an extender might be simpler and more beneficial. 

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